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wish to integrate into the mainstream of American society. The reporter further asked if the man could think of any valid excuses he might have for missing the inauguration, like, say, a funeral? AFP/Getty Images 1/10 g, memories of a March and a Dream: Martin Luther King during the March on Washington, on AFP/Getty Images 2/10, martin Luther King and the March on Washington. King declined to get drawn into the Lewis-Trump dispute, saying he wanted to be a "bridge builder" in a divided nation. He demanded justice and that African-Americans should be respected as human-beings. Both had been deeply influenced by their fathers, especially by their pride to be black. Getty Images 4/10 g, american civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King ( ) arriving at London Airport.

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Writing in a, facebook post, Ms King who followed her father's footsteps into the ministry of the Baptist Church, amended a similar message that had been circulating on social media. Later, a young man was quizzed whether it was wrong for King to miss Trumps inauguration in January 2017, by which point he was dead for a good 48 years. Asked what his father might have said to the president-elect, King cited another issue: Poverty. "It is very clear that the system is not working at its maximum King said. Donald Trump marked the Martin Luther King. . How much of their current fight stems from that? King emphasized that the white man should not be held responsible for the minorities and blacks being oppressed. "In the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides thesis abstract listing King said. Most popular: Voters Give Trump an 'F' Grade for First Year in Office, Poll Shows. 1717 Words 7 Pages, the Civil Rights Movement symbolized the challenge and opposition to the racial injustices and segregation that had been engrained in American society for hundreds of years.