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Appellant refused to identify himself and angrily asserted that the officers had no right to stop him. The Fourth Amendment requires that such a seizure be based on specific, objective facts indicating that society's legitimate interests require such action, or that the seizure be carried out pursuant to a plan embodying explicit, neutral limitations on the conduct of individual officers. When appellant refused to identify himself, he was arrested for violation of a Texas statute which makes it a criminal act for a person to refuse to give his name and address to an officer "who has lawfully stopped him and requested the information." Appellant's.

Under Texas law, an appeal from an inferior court to a county court is subject to further review only if a fine exceeding 100 is imposed. Geography / Canada Did you ever stop and wonder how much we take the place we live for granted?

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Prouse, supra, at 440. 12 (1979 Terry. While being taken to the El Paso County Jail, appellant identified himself. This appeal presents the question whether appellant was validly convicted for refusing to comply with a policeman's demand that he identify himself pursuant to a provision of the Texas Penal Code which makes it a crime to refuse such identification on request. Fuchsberg Law CenterTrinity Law SchoolTulane University Law SchoolUniversity of Akron School heros journey campbell thesis of LawUniversity of Alabama School of LawUniversity of Arizona College of LawUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville School of LawUniversity of Arkansas, Little Rock School of LawUniversity of Baltimore School of LawUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity. The naacp had victories in this area of graduate education with the following cases: "Gaines. But even assuming that purpose is served to some degree by stopping and demanding identification from an individual without any specific basis for believing he is involved in criminal activity, the guarantees of the Fourth Amendment do not allow.

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