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whereas history has proven that this is not always the case. Syria attacking Israeli solders. The Arabs felt that they had no reason to give up land because of mistreatment of Jews in Europe.

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Religion, like it has been throughout history, is merely the spark, one that is used for the parties involved to meet their own purposes. I believe that the only way to make peace is to wait until the Arabs and Israelis realize that they have been fighting and murdering each other for decades and have come to no end. In 1994 Yitzhak Rabin Prime Minister of Israel and Yasser Arifat head Of the Palestine Liberation Organization signed a peace treaty that Israel gave the Palistine Liberation Organization the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Israel got peace, but after the treaty was signed. The Arabs lost approximate 2000 tanks and 500 airplanes. Still an essay about smoking in public places feeling the aftermath of wwii, Britain pulled its forces out of Palestine and put it into the hands of the.

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