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worldwide, who have found the diary the perfect answer to their search for an accessible, and perhaps not too depressing work on the Holocaust. Their survival was based on people and each other really. Gerta survived sdsu transfer application essay because of her family and friends. Anne Frank survived because she believed that Despite all the evil going on in the world I still believe that all people are good at heart. Map of northern France onto which Otto Frank tracked the advance of Allied armies in June and July of 1944, as seen in the Secret Annex of the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Matt Lebovic/The Times of Israel). In my eighth grade class we not only read the play but also had to act out a scene. The diary entries she emphasized were Thursday, July 9, 1942 and Wednesday, May 3, 1944. Your friends have been taken from their homes, babies and all, and been exterminated.

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Some students questioned why they had to study Anne Frank. She said that her entire class had to read the diary. The German Police could have easily apa phd dissertation destroyed it, but Miep Gies was able to rescue. She said that most of the students had no background information on wwii. Meyer Levin, who from the beginning wanted Annes Jewishness to be in the forefront, but was denied in the 1950s, would finally see her Jewishness become the central focus. The family hid for more than two years during the war and it was then that Anne wrote her famous diary. The diary should be the first text a child reads about the Holocaust but definitely not the last. Even with all these demands fulfilled, applicants could still be turned down. She leaves the readers with the curiosity and interest to discover the other stories of the Holocaust. She also showed one of the movies made on the Diary. Otto Frank wrote in his 1941 letter to his friend Nathan Straus that he had filed an application at the American consulate in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam in 1938. I had heard about Anne Frank through my family, so her story was not a shock.

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