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you are using colored paper (brights and pastels make fun bookmark colors) use the white/no color bookmark template for printing. Free Printable Music Staff Paper, linkware Graphics now offers music staff paper with treble and bass clefs along with the blank printable music staff manuscript paper. Our already popular free, printable staff paper has been completely redone at higher quality and improved typography and layout than previous versions. As I mention below under, printing These Music Staff Paper Files, I suggest printing with high quality paper, if possible. The blank bookmarks are 2 x 8 and are available in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, If this size is too large, feel free to trim them down to a smaller bookmark size. This blank sheet music is spacious, so if you're planning on writing in standard notation with extensive chords and lyrics above or below each stave, you may want to opt for this blank staff paper. The artwork came from a picture I painted and collaged, scanned into my computer, and imported into Photoshop. Homemade bookmarks (or page markers) are such a thoughtful gift idea and are really fun to make.

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When it completely dried, I laminated. Use a French curve, an old lid, or other flexible item to trace unique cuts. Download Print the White/No Color Blank Bookmark Template Page (PDF.7 KB download Print the Red, Orange, Yellow Colors Blank Bookmark Template Page (PDF.3 KB download Print the Green, Blue, Violet term paper switzerland conclusion Colors Blank Bookmark Template Page (PDF.3 KB). Blank Music Staff Paper (No Clefs). Downloading These ZIP files, if you're not sure how to download ZIP files, check out the. The first style comes in blank 10 and 12 staves - a great multi-purpose music paper for writing music for solo instruments, for piano, for orchestration, for ensembles, and much more. You can also use those fun border scissors (like Fiskars Paper Edgers) to cut unique edges on your bookmark.

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