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to ensure that examiners will be able to access the material. Explanation by invoking the myth of the shared should be replaced by explanations that have empirical content. And what concept of the self comes with the notion of virtue? Turning later to the question of how historians and their public should feel about diminishing unity (fragmentation) in historiography and the practices that generate it, Megill explains the sources of fragmentation and then argues that it doesnt matter whether historians are doing the same thing. A "paradigm" is analyzed in terms of Quine's "web of belief and that web is itself explained as an ongoing process of revision, in analogy with Rawls's concept of pure procedural justice. This potential of narrative is nicely illustrated by Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War in which side-shadowing devices restore historys experientiality. In this essay I will explore the thesis that my notion that the discontinuities of history spring from a dehors texte squares well with an evolutionary view of history. Just as the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 provided a mechanism for the reclassification of human remains, from ethnographic to spiritually sacred artifacts, we should consider what a similar reclassification of Holocaust photographs could offer.

I appreciate the spirit of Dietzes engagement with the book, but I show that her critique is based on a degree of misapprehension of these three central ideas. Barnes, A Modified "Allan Variance" with Increased Oscillator Characterization Ability, Proceedings of the 35th Annual Frequency Control Symposium, 470-475, 1981. The liberal social order also underpins the relationship between writing and the world. Vertigo predisposes, as psychoanalysts say, to counterphobic behavior. Like a pig pushing its snout through the dirt? This includes not only the indexicality of photography, but also the question of how structures and processes that comprise history and historical events can be depicted. As such, the text provides an alternative to modern European forms of historical representation, while sharing some features of the historical as defined in that context. Does a new kind of historical consciousness emerge in south India beginning in the sixteenth century, indeed as a sign of an Indian early modernity?

As to the relationship between concrete examples and abstract rules in historical argumentation, the paper takes up Professor RĂ¼sens category of exemplary meaning-generation, but suggests a distinction between example in the sense of case/instance and example in the sense of model/paragon. While counterfactuals have proven invaluable for scholars in diplomatic, military, and economic history, those writing about the history of ideas often seem less concerned with chains of events and contingency than some of their colleagues areor they attend to contingency in a selective fashion.

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