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Production BMW i8, Audi nanuk for All Roads Jaguar unveils its crossover concept called the C-X17. Honda kicked off production of the redesigned 2013 Accord at its plant in Marysville, Ohio. 4 Business/Automotive 4 Mon, 11:00:00 -0400 Episode 834 China Goes Domestic, In Soviet Russia Jeeps Build You, Toyotas 83K Minivan The Chinese government says it will only buy domestic vehicles for government fleets. 4 Business/Automotive Mon, 13:25:58 -0400 Episode 721 - Suzuki Wants to End VW Alliance, Camaro ZL1, BMW Patents Twin-turbo V-6 Suzuki is seeking to end its alliance with Volkswagen after the German automaker accused it of breaking the terms of the partnership by purchasing engines. Kia just revealed the 2013 Forte which is also known as the Cerato in other markets. I Cant Find My Keys - Sierra Club Slams EV Marketing - Used Batteries Get Second Life - Red Hot Manufacturing - Aero Wheels Make MPGs 4 Business/Automotive 4 Tue, 14:00:00 -0400 AD #2021 - Are Keys Headed For Extinction?, Red Hot Manufacturing, Used. Suppliers Exiting Interiors 4 Business/Automotive 4 Mon, 14:00:00 -0400 AD #1686 Time for Closed Cockpits?

Buy A Dodge/SRT, Go To School - Toyotas Wild Tundra Concept 7:43 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, sema, VW, Cobra Jet Mustang, Tundrasine, Local Motors, Hyundai, Genesis clean no AD #1736 VWs 3-Liter Cheater, Hot sema Reveals, UAW Could Hit Billion Dollar. Infiniti announces that it will continue to sell the G37 in the.S. GM Extends Bolt Plant Shutdown -.D. Porsche pulled the silk off the all-new version of the Cayman that goes on sale next spring.

9:14 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, Nissan, mini, Chevy, UAW, Kia, Toyota, diesel clean no Episode 1066 Daimlers 2012 Earnings, Plastic Windows, Aluminum Prices to Surge Daimler reported its earnings for 2012 this morning and the numbers are solid, but not anything like. Azure Dynamics, which was converting Ford Transit Connects into electric vehicles, just filed for bankruptcy. All that and more, plus we get to your comments and questions in this weeks edition of You Said It!

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4 Business/Automotive 82C25E0F B4A4-DBE5606BB61B Wed, 13:36:01 -0400 Episode 674 - Ghosn's Earnings Revealed, EcoBoost Popular in Europe, E-15 Label Introduced Carlos Ghosn, the head of Nissan and Renault, raked in almost.5 million dollars last fiscal year, which makes him the highest paid executive. By Storm, Geely Creates New Brand - Europe Could Bring Back Larger Engines - EVs Forcing Platinum Prices Down - Large Euro Vans Take.S. All that and more, plus an update from John at MBS. There were a lot of BIG reveals to be seen this year including the brand-new 2013 Ford Fusion, a duet of radical concepts from Chevrolet and a cherry-red bombshell with a Lexus badge. Tesla Reveals Battery for Homes - GM Makes Big.S. Thanks to Land Rovers surging sales Indian automaker Tata posted a profit that beat analysts expectations. 4 Business/Automotive Tue, 11:44:51 -0400 Episode 482 - China And Japan Go At It, Ford Reveals New Ranger, Industry Faces Rubber Shortage China and Japan are at each other's throats again, this time over allegations that Toyota bribed dealers in China to steer customers toward. 4 Business/Automotive 4 Fri, 14:00:00 -0400 AD #1344 Global New Car Sales Up, New EcoBoost Engine, Opel Pulled From China - Global New Car Sales Up - Another EcoBoost Engine - Opel Pulled From China - Mercedes Has Lowest Recall Rate.S. The auto industry continues to be one of the bright spots in the global economy, which is reflected in Aprils car sales. 10:12 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, Nissan, Chevy, Honda, BMW, EcoMotors, Navistar, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Toyota clean no Episode 581 - Ford Passes Chevy in Dealer Count, Chinese Car Culture, Nissan's New Moco For the first time in what must be 80 years Ford has more.

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