is poverty a choice essay

does place immediate challenges on our nations youth. More than half of students are unable to buy lunch at the canteen. There's lots of solutions, but they're always voted down by a congress hell-bent on protecting corporate interests instead of the majority of the country. One-third of families live with incomes below 60 percent of the average income in the country. You can leave your recommendations and ask any questions. The next and one of the main causes of poverty can be weak economy that occurs because of crisis and insufficient amount of resources. Evolving innovational technologies can help to avoid poverty and hunger. The result of civil wars is appearing of poor people and hunger. Stories from Rereading America echo this in a number of samples. That is why poor people should be provided by socio-economical arrangements, directed towards increase of their involvement in labor activity of the country.

The government cuts social spending while at the same time hands out tax-payer money to private companies. So, what are the causes of poverty?

Being born into this class is not the choice of the child, but they are none the less faced with an uphill battle. Taking India as the example, we can see that its population is critically growing. 1378 Words 6 Pages, do the poor in this country have a choice not to be poor? Sales taxes are being increased and estate taxes are being cut. I should also mention that improving economical development, innovational technologies and population income are the most meaningful goals of nowadays. Immigrants of the poorest countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America arrived to wealthier countries are satisfied with minimum income which is higher dozens and even hundreds of times than the minimum of his native country. We have a government that is run by the elite for the elite to the detriment of everybody else. Among many other factors, economic crisis, personal problems of people, and uncontrolled flow of immigrants are the most dominant causes of poverty.

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