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him with you Monday morning because I am an overprotective mamma. Give up reconciliation now, or forever lose the chance for independence. Based on your reading of this paragraph, why does Thoreau assert that a government in which the majority rule in all cases cannot be based on justice? A government of our own is our natural right, and when a man seriously reflects on the precariousness of human affairs, he will become convinced that it is infinitely wiser and safer to form a constitution of our own in a cool deliberate manner, while. What word repetition do you find?

Here are some questions that I ve pulled out of the last few years AQA, OCR and wjec exam papers. Some of these are made up based on exam board question styles. This interactive lesson on Common Sense focuses on Paines argument and rhetoric as he persuades Americans to move from resistance to revolution. Start by marking Virginia Woolf ; A Collection of Critical Essays as Want to Read.

Divide your argument into three parts: state the law, explain why it is not moral, and offer a solution to resolve the conflict between the law and morality: should the law be abolished or should it be rewritten, and if so, how? 163 tying cord, unity for survival See colonists and newspapers responses to Common Sense in the primary source collection Making the Revolution (Section: Common Sense?) to examine how Paine turned public opinion in 1776. Full entry in Founders Online (National Archives). Ye that oppose independence now, ye know not what. Teachers Guide (continues below) Background note Text analysis and close reading questions with answer key Interactive exercises Follow-up assignment Student Version (click to open) Interactive PDF bachelor degree without thesis Background note Text analysis and close reading questions Interactive exercises Background Prompted by his opposition to slavery and the. Not a dumbed-down rant for the masses, as often described, Common Sense is a masterful piece of argument and rhetoric that proved the power of words. When we bet, we put our money down and hope that our team wins.

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