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as a fertilized egg. These fears were not born out in the case of IVF. Kass believes if cloning is not banned, society will be more dependent upon technology how to start of a essay and be at technologies whim. Embryos cannot be harmed (they do not even have a central nervous system are regularly disposed of in nature, and are not considered morally significant by most people. .

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A person paying enough money could get a corrupt scientist to clone anybody they wanted, like movie stars, music stars, athletes, etc (Andrea Castro 2005 whether it be our desire for new medical treatments or our desire to have children on our own genetic terms. Even if a cloned baby appeared to be normal, we would not know what hidden legacy the boy or girl might carry. Pence The most likely use of cloning would be as a way for an infertile couple to have a child that is genetically related to (one of) them. . In cloning, according to Kass: the child is given a genotype that has already lived, with full expectation that this blueprint of a past life ought to be controlling the life that is to come. . Most cloned animals died mysteriously even before they were born or when they were very young, so there is hardly any information on how clones age. But scenarios of cloning by nuclear transfer have involved older children, and the only reason to clone an existing human is to create a genetic replica. As time progresses though, more and more fantasies become realities. In the case of the sheep "Dolly a cell was taken from the mammary tissue of a mature 6 year old sheep while its DNA was in a dormant state. If there are many clones of one individual, would they be treated as individuals? .

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