american gothic grant wood essay

in America the first thing they saw was lady liberty standing in the middle of Ellis Island holding her arm up high. There are cultural as well as social collisions in American Gothic. One that caught my eye, which I had seen many times before, but never knew any thing about, was a painting called Stone City, Iowa, which was created by Grant Wood in 1930. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. tags: Death, Heartbreak, Loneliness, Gothic. There are obvious connections between the different compositions of the painting.

american gothic grant wood essay

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He always gave his side the best chance to win. It is a distinguishing feature of the Carpenter Gothic style, and this detail brings the thoughts of a rural church. Wamble 7 become a staple in modern American culture, as well as a highly revered Regionalist masterpiece. The man and woman the painted in the artwork are from his acquaintance. I have made this conclusion because my interpretation of the male on the painting is that he is defensive, standing a bit in front of the female. You may handle it in many different ways. He mostly became famous thanks to his painting American Gothic.

American gothic grant wood essay
american gothic grant wood essay

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