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reflect poorly on the school and school personnel, pressure exerted by principals and parents to promote unready students, knowledge that retention is ineffective, and the absence or insufficiency of effective educational alternatives. Among those who were held back both in middle school and in elementary school, dropout rate was 94 percent. Other Benefits From Retention? If we do not increase the academic rigor in middle schools, Im afraid that greater numbers of adolescent learners will choose apathy and social promotion over academic dedication and earned promotion. The debate over the issue in that state is what prompted the Texas Education Agency, at the direction of the state legislature, to fund the study undertaken. I would not, as a summer school teacher under this plan, attempt to reteach the entire curriculum. National Bureau of Economic Research and the, national Center for Education Statistics. Two years after being held back, the Chicago students studied were doing no better than students who had been allowed to move ahead, according to the Chicago Consortium on School Research, which conducted the study. Most of the promoted students kept failing the state tests until they were forced to repeat a grade later. A research study examining Chicago's promotion standards also provides information on the effect of promotion standards on student academic achievement. From the rhetoric generated on the subject so far, the public might conclude that social promotion has been rampant in districts nationwide.

Social promotion, in use nationally for at least 20 years, is an educational poli cy where students are advanced from grade to grade. There is no regard to their. Free social promotion papers, essays, and research papers.

A Policy for Elementary Schools Touro University Melissa Peters Student retention and social promotion is a widely debated topic among educators,.
Social promotion is the practice of promoting students to the next grade even though they have not acquired minimum competencies expected.
Policymakers in the mid-1990s began attacking social promotion.

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Thus, a retained student whose progress is being measured on a 3rd grade test might look better than a promoted student whose progress is measured on a 4th grade test. And this would allow a vast majority of the students to continue on to the next level. Alexander says, "I don't believe the methodological criticisms of the work undermine our basic conclusions." What's more, he notes, a study published last year by Nancy Karweit, another Johns Hopkins researcher, reaches similar conclusions. The Baltimore researchers continued tracking the students in their study through their early 20s and found that 65 percent of grade repeaters dropped out of school, compared with 18 percent of the non-repeaters. Furthermore, the retained students did no better than comparable children who had been socially promoted. Furthermore, it creates frustration among teachers who feel powerless to expect hard work from all students. Yet the credibility of the studies could well hinge on such minutiae. Of the 64 studies. As the school counselor I would work to develop appropriate interventions at my school; teachers and parents also play a critical role. According to research, "retention was found to be one of the most powerful predictors of high school dropout, with retained students 2 to 11 times more likely to drop out of high school than promoted students" (Anderson, Whipple and Jimerson, 2002). A study conducted in 2001 showed that "6th grade students rated grade retention as the single most stressful life event, higher than the loss of a parent or going blind" (Anderson,., 2002).

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social promotion essay

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