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an absence from an examination, test, quiz, or other course requirement, directly or through another source. You do not need to accept poor grades because you cannot get your essays and papers in on time. When following the delayed schedule, there will be no "a" or "b" periods. The director will provide the student the web address where he or she can access the step-by-step leave of absence instructions and forms. The student must attend two-thirds of all classes held after the change to audit status, as reported by the instructor, to receive a grade of audit on the transcript. No student with a pending incomplete in any course in the spring term immediately prior to Commencement may participate in the ceremony. Other federal or state financial aid as required. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they are no more than 2 course units short of the 32 course units required for a degree. If a student's status changes from full-time to part-time as a result of the administrative "W the bursar and financial aid will make appropriate adjustments to the student's account for said term.

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If the student specifies the involvement of a medical or mental health issue, the faculty member consults with the director of health services or the director of counseling, who provides verification to the professor. The registrar reserves the right to change course sections. Science Labs 12:45 or 1:15.m. Faculty and staff members will make every effort to support and encourage student participation, at the same time recognizing that students have the responsibility to put forth their best effort in both their coursework and their chosen co-curricular activities. They initially rely on their home country for new products and then transfer them to less advanced international markets. Under normal circumstances, a change of grade after the end of the incomplete period bachelor degree without thesis (6 weeks after the end of a fall or spring term) may be submitted by the course instructor only to correct an error in the original grade, or as a result.

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