slumdog millionaire evaluation essay

Latika, he is now working at a telemarketing company. For a few years the brothers survive on the street, keeping on the move, but Jamal cannot seem to forget Latika and decides that they should go back to see if they can find her. They live in a safehouse. However, Jamal didn't learn the answer to the questions by reading books; he learned from experience, and he begins to tell the story of his life, which reveals exactly how and where he gained his knowledge.

He threatens his brother and takes Latika with him. Jamal Malik, a young man who hails from the worst slum area of Calcutta, India, is now in the hot seat, one question, one snippet of trivia away from wining twenty million rupees - roughly four hundred and thirty thousand US dollars at the time. Jamal protested and demanded to be let back in but when Salim threatened to shoot him, he decided to leave. They turned Jamal into a hero. As Jamal takes his seat Boyle again uses cross cutting to introduce the game show control. He had no money, food or protection so he was very unsafe. You can help us out by revising, improving and updating this section. Boyles use of dialogue to reinforce images of violence and corruption emphasise Jamals essential goodness and honesty and allows the audience to witness the ability of inner strength to overcome physical brutality.