essay on nursing as a noble profession

stated age and worked as structural engineer for almost 30 years. Personal Reflection, they say a person's most important step in life is marriage. Opinions of Thursday, 12 December 2013. I can speak of the 20 years of clinical practice and the truly great nurses with whom I have worked. The good nurses establish rapport with a kind word or a joke to put the patient at ease.

Essay on nursing as a noble profession
essay on nursing as a noble profession

You deserve to hear it everyday. As we ended the conversation he told me, nursing is a noble profession we need more people like you. Like magic, those orders get translated to a task list that includes evaluating the patient for severity, placing them on monitors, starting IVs, drawing blood, placing foleys and administering meds.

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As I was performing routine nursing care for my patient one night, we were engaged in a conversation about his career. That is as it should. Nurses and doctors save millions of lives daily and although it is true that people in this profession are supposed to 'assist God with his plans in saving lives it is a matter of pride to be a part of the Almighty's army on Earth. Luckily he survives sustaining a rib fracture with a punctured lung. I would soon realize what this meant in a couple of days. Then, it struck. As we continued, he asked me how I became a nurse. I had an advantage. He served the poor and needy soul and throughout His ministry, healed the sick.