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strikes the sense no less than light Thus gracious Chandos is beloved at sight; And every child hates Shylock, though his soul Still sits at squat. And idle Cibber, how he breaks the laws, To make poor Pinky eat with vast applause! Was I born for nothing but to write? We shall not quarrel for a year or two; By courtesy of England, he may.

Happier their author, when by these beloved! Observe how seldom even the best succeed: Tell me if Congreves fools are fools indeed? John donne, dean. Popes argument, good or bad, had nothing to do with questions of theology. . This is my plea, on this I rest my cause What saith my counsel, learned in the laws? How pale, each worshipful and reverend guest Rise from a clergy, or a city feast! THE first satire OF THE second book OF horace. Not but the tragic spirit was our own, And full in Shakespeare, fair in Otway shone: But Otway failed to polish or refine, And fluent Shakespeare scarce effaced a line.

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