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condition than a handicap. Though rich in folklore drawn from its many peoples and languages, Soviet culture remained weak in the realm of fantasy. "White elephants" were a science which had a literature of its own. Afanasyev; the epic tales ( byliny ) sung or told to children; the classic by Pyotr Yrshov, Konyok gorbunok (1834; English adaption by Ireene Wicker, The Little Hunchback Horse, 1942 and other stories and poems enjoyed by young Russians but not originally designed for them. There is a record, though the manuscripts have vanished, of childrens plays produced at the country manors during the 1700s and into the following century. In fantasy, the farcical note was struck with agreeable preposterousness by Oliver Butterworth in The Enormous Egg (1956) and The Trouble with Jennys Ear (1960).

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Seuss (Theodore Geisel starting with And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street (1937 continued to lead, turning out so many books that one tended to take him for granted. The four volumes (195261) about the Borrowers, with their brief pendant, Poor Stainless (1971 ask the reader to accept only a single impossibility, that in a quiet country house, under the grandfather clock, live the tiny Clock family: Pod, Homily, and their daughter Arrietty. Originating in the late 1800s, this literature genre may not be seen as good as "pure literature it has nonetheless enjoyed enormous popularity, for the style itself is naturally gven to social criticism and psychological inspection. The practice of automatic miniaturization stimulated a pullulation of fact bookstermed by an unsympathetic observer the information trapmarked by a flood of subject series and simplified technology. In the early 1960s a fairy tale competition yielded 795 manuscripts, a phenomenal statistic in view of Finlands sparse population. With this period are associated Dikken Zwilgmeyer, author of the Inger Johanne series about a small-town little girl; Barbra Ring, creator of the popular Peik stories and of a play The Princess and the Fiddler, which was produced yearly at the National Theatre in Oslo;. The like of that "looped and windowed raggedness" is hardly to be found in any other literature. Among the best of them are Will James, with his horse story Smoky (1926 Rachel Field, whose Hitty (1929) is one of the best doll stories in the language; Elizabeth Coatsworth, with her fine New England tale Away Goes Sally (1934 and the well-loved story.

His reworkings of legend ( The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, 1883; the King Arthur stories, 19031910, and his novels of the Middle Ages Otto of the Silver Hand, 1888; and Men of Iron, 1892) exemplify perfectly the romantic feeling of his time, as does. The Silver Sword was a specialized instance of a general trend toward the interpretation for children of a postwar world of social incoherence, race and class conflict, urban poverty, and even mental pathology. Alices Adventures in Wonderland improved none, delighted all.

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