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slavery. This social isolation is one of the reasons that drive victims back into the flesh trade. In line with the Palermo english literature essay writing service Protocol, the Prime Minister sustained that the country wants to give a good signal (Defi Plus, 2009). As such Migrant Smuggling is provided for in the Migration Protocol while trafficking in human beings as seen earlier is provided for in the Palermo Protocol. These amendments are fundamental for instance to provide for wider discretion and authority to immigration officers as well as establish procedures in case of international human trafficking as well as human smuggling. As a consequence, they are bound to keep silent and suffer the misery inflicted on them. This enactment, being a supplement to the provisions of the Child Protection Act, offers temporary accommodation, counselling and rehabilitation as well as education and training for the reintegration of the victims through drop-in centres. One form of coercion is the use of a bond, or debt. It just comes down to whether we are willing to take that first step. Trafficking in person is often only one of the offences perpetuated against trafficked persons, since other crimes may be committed to control victims, protect trafficking operations and raise profits. The law provides for some elements that amount to a state of vulnerability or dependence, namely gender, youth, physical and mental incapability and migrant status while the rest is left to the discretion of courts. The Internet Service Provider who does not report immediately to the Police about any side of his server which holds information that fronts to trafficking, will be committing an offence.

Re Procureur de la Rpublique. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000 has not only created but has also strengthened existing criminal statutes. Historical Background Of Human Trafficking, history has witnessed the incessant moments in time when women, men and children have been put for sale against their consent and pushed into forced labour and prostitution. Conclusively, smugglers obtain income from fees to move the people while traffickers generate illegal profit from continuous exploitation of the victims. Several agencies have drawn a line of demarcation between trafficking and smuggling. They may even counter the risk of falling once again into the traps of traffickers. The phenomenon of buying and selling people can not claim to be a new phenomenon for mankind, but today it is called sometimes like that. Those financing such illegal operations, will help in curbing human trafficking. Conclusion Trafficking is undoubtedly a criminal justice issue. Often, the employers impound the papers of these workers and take advantage of their apprehension of being caught by the police and being deported to their countries. On the other hand, Section 12 advocates that where a person possesses, destroys, seizes, hides or alters the papers and identification documents of a victim of trafficking, he shall be liable to 5 years penal servitude and a fine not exceeding Rs 100,000. If it has been proved that the accused has indulged in trafficking of persons or allows a person to be trafficked shall be deemed to have committed an offence whether or not the victim has given consent earlier.

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