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MEng, MMath, MPharm, MPhys, MPsych, MSci, etc.) are UK degrees that combine an undergraduate bachelor's degree course with an extra year at master 's level (i.e. The University of Michigan, an Encyclopedic Survey. Master 's degree ( stricto sensu ) does not requires minimum class-hours, but it's practically impossible to finish it before.5 year due the workload and research required; an average time for the degree.5 years citation needed. Taught master 's degrees are normally one to two year courses, rated at ects credits, while research master 's degrees are normally two year courses, either rated at 120 ects credits or not credit rated. In Switzerland, the old Licence or Diplom (4 to 5 years in duration) is considered equivalent to the master 's degree. Degrees can be also offered as distance education courses, while the master 's degree ( stricto-sensu ) requires physical attendance. Traduzioni aggiuntive master (leader) capo nm leader nm Who is the master of this group? Retrieved Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Education and Skills Committee. "TCD to keep selling Masters - ".

Master, schoolmaster UK, dated (school teacher) professore, maestro nm The master expects that we have our schoolwork finished on time. Top employers hire Franklin grads to provide relevant industry knowledge. Verification of compatibility of the Danish National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (PDF). Retrieved Revised Code of Laws. Admission Requirements The admission process reflects Franklin Universitys efforts to clearly identify the performance standards that can help predict student success in graduate level study.

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