japanese tea ceremony research paper

bowl to the next guest who does the same as the main guest. During the Heian period (794-1185 tea was made from steamed and dried tea leaves ground into a powder called macha. Modern city life makes it difficult to find time and place for tea ceremony. With time, Japanese Tea Ceremony is said to be an outdated tradition. A sweet is served at the end of the meal. What is the history of Japanese Tea Ceremony? What is the perception of young Japanese towards Japanese. The host goes to the preparation room and returns with the waste water bowl, the bamboo water ladle, and a green bamboo rest for the kettle lid. It is also called The Way of Tea in English.

Japanese tea ceremony research paper
japanese tea ceremony research paper

japanese tea ceremony research paper

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The room is swept and the utensils are arranged. At the conclusion, the guests express their appreciation for the tea, and leave while the host watches from the door of the teahouse. They are seated according to their positions in the ceremony. The perception of the young Japanese towards cultural tradition might influence the continuing of Japanese Tea. After the meal, each guest cleans their utensils with soft paper. Hanging in the room is a scroll painting. It is called the cha*censored*su. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about aesthetics.

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