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a great man; but how do I know it if Fortune gives you no opportunity of showing your worth? Nothing else is even close except maybe Bohemian Rhapsody but thats about itMatt - Brandon, Canada okay that last.dunno if i believe it but thats hilarious if its true. And no members of Led Zeppelin were Satanists. Listen with your heart not your head. This song is soooo good and i just want to know what everyone thinks. Then, once we've all bought and listened to the song backwards we start aruing with eachother about what the hidden messages really ment.

If these milder measures are unavailing he opens a vein, and then, if the limbs by continuing to be attached to the body are doing it harm and spreading the disease, he lays violent hands on them. From Vancouver, if you like, try to read my earlier posting (about a fifth of the way down the page) for the explanation of what the May Queen is in English folklore. Diverse, too, are the ills I see in countless minds, and I am called to cure the body politic; for each man's malady the proper treatment should be sought; let this one be restored by his own self- respect, this one by a sojourn abroad.

I know i need more,. Its whispered that if you call satan he will come to you. Now as most of you know plant wrote most of this song on the spot, and i find it all but my life thesis statement very unlikely that he could have written it both ways at the same time in such a short period of time. Believe it or not, there are other industrialized nations out there (the ones 85 of us can't find on maps). Michael - Buenos Aires, Argentina You're welcome Josh. Good song thoughAdam - Boston, Ma *pokes head in* I seem to have been called out.

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