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by the present bridge built by the Metropolitan District Commission in 1899. From this junction, a three-rail line went along, the broad gauge line and the narrow gauge line sharing the same road-bed by the simple expedient of laying a third rail and using one outer rail of the three in common. Probably the story was put out as British propaganda to cover the loss of the Hope which certainly should have been protected as she neared Boston, probably on the way to the British fleet at Nantasket. Quigley of Chelsea has been the publisher and general manager of the Winthrop Transcript with. This tunnel was built and still remains, although both ends are today buried. Beers wrote, "There was a pouring rain, but twenty-three persons were in attendance and fourteen communicated". She drifted ashore on the Chelsea side and was seized by a party of patriots led by Isaac Baldwin who, after looting her, burned her. When the war ended, about 1,000 Acadians, men, women and children, were shipped into Boston and distributed amongst the various adjacent towns in proportion to their respective size.

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Carden's rectorship, the Rectory was built in 1896. He was soon after denounced and proscribed as a Loyalist - as indeed were many prominent and wealthy Boston men. Copper Company stayed until 1869. I am constrained to ease the burden of my mind by this poor help of my scribbling pen, being sufficiently assured that, although my presence is that which thou desirest, yet in the want therof these lines shall not be unfruitful of comfort unto thee. Polly Tuksbery (writing) 15 yrs. Whenever a bridal couple retired for their wedding night, it was the habit for their friends to surround the house silently and then, at a signal, break out with as much noise as possible - bells, horns, dishpans, drums, shotguns-whatever would make as much racket.

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