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were the ultimate rules of the land. Such advice, however, is not binding upon the president. This is to mean that public schools should not be limited the right to ban those speeches that are said to advocate for the illegal drug use. The court unanimously ruled that Virginias law violated state law. If the Court fined that there is no legal justification for detention the Court will order immediate release of the detained person. Such a writ is issued in respect of offices of public nature and not against private institutions. After that, the Indian High Court Act, 1861 was passed under which High Courts were established in Bombay, Calcutta and madras.

Fletcher v Peck Historical Context, after the Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution, Georgia claimed a 35-million acre region later known as the Yazoo Lands. This is quite similar to the acts of the lower state courts. The Cohen brothers appealed and stated that it was unlawful for the state to make such law since the tickets were national. 3) Interstate commerce between New York and New Jersey Gibbons.

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Guardian of Fundamental Rights:-, the Supreme Court is the guardian of Fundamental Right of the citizens. This clarified the term contract as a contract is transactions involving individuals property rights not the political relations between the government and its citizens. If the rights claimed by the applicant of a writ cannot be conveniently determined in summary proceedings, the High Court in exercise of its discretion shall refuse to interfere by a writ under Article 226. Original jurisdiction: The original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court applies to those cases which can be brought before it in the first instance. Article 124(1) speaks about the establishment and the Constitution of the Supreme Court. Allowing the federal government to have a say in interstate commerce. The student was therefore able or in a position to sue the principal for the damage he has made.

In this decision, the Chief Justice asserted that the Supreme Court 39; s responsibility. This did not include the rights of possession to their land or political dominion over their laws. Its jurisdiction extends to the whole of the country in constitutional law, union laws and state laws. It is issued in the nature of an order to a subordinate Court or a public corporation to perform its duty properly and redress the grievances of the Individual affected.

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