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being. This new study contributes to a growing field known as "embodied "the idea that we think with not only our brains, but with our physical experiences. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, observed an interesting phenomenon: wear a white coat you believe belongs to a doctor, and you'll be more focused. Enclothed cognition Journal of Experimental Social Psychology DOI:.2012.02.008. It's been well-establishedin the scientific literature and real lifethat what we wear affects how others perceive. For me the first impression is the one that counts and makes the difference. Individuals who are respected tend to garner more followers; people see them as leaders. Do police officers feel braver on duty in uniform than they normally would in street clothes? People dressed conservatively are perceived as self-controlled and reliable, while those wearing more daring clothing are viewed as more attractive and individualistic.

The symbolic meaning of a doctor's lab coat is clear. In other words, the clothes may literally make the man (or woman).

I don't say that clothes are the most important when you meet a person, but before you have the chance to talk to him, to see how he thinks, you notice the clothes and you know whether you like him or not. According to Galinsky, we must see and feel the clothes on our body experience it in every wayfor it to influence our psyche. Next, 74 participants were subject to one of three conditions: wearing what they believed to be a doctor's coat, wearing a painter's coat, or simply seeing a doctor's coat nearby. The study, published February in the. Do clothes make the man? Therefore, individuals who dress well will be able to move farther in life than others. Then, discuss whether you agree or disagree. Including, it seems, the clothes we're wearing.

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Those who believed they were wearing a doctor's coat (which was, in fact, identical to the painter's coat) spotted more differences than the other two test groups. Those in white coats made half as many errors as those in street clothes. Adam,., Galinsky,. Personally I could never tell how a person is by looking at his outfit, so I dont believe that clothes make the. Another important question remains. People with money are treated better, thus "Clothes make the man." That person who is dressed in a sophisticated manner will be the first to be waited on and the first to be seated at a restaurant. For instance if you go to a job interview and you are not properly dressed you do not get the job, even I you are qualified for. But mainly, that individual will be the first to draw respect from the people around them. The researchers in charge of performing psychometric testingnew college grads and not much older or taller than the participants themselvesrecently made an interesting observation: if they wear a white coat when interacting with the participants (and their they receive more respect. Will one always feel more focused and attentive in a white coat, or will one habituate? Women who wear more masculine clothes to an interview (such as a dress suit) are more likely to be hired.

We have always been told that its whats inside that counts, and "the clothes dont make the man I totally agree with this statement. Physicians are careful, hardworking, and attentive.

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