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day. Visuwords creates word map visualizations, connecting the word you search with similar, associated words or words that collocate with. Via giphy, prepositions arent difficult to understand, but the concept does require some explanation.

The best-case scenario is watching a movie over and over until your mind stops worrying about understanding and instead concentrates on the little things, like intonation and slang. You could be making the right sound, technically, but if your mouth is in the wrong place, it won't come out correctly. Its very likely than a native English speaker wont even notice at first! But the great thing about writing is that you can email your friend and wherever they are, they can get it, correct it, and get it back to you. This will help increase the confidence level in you.

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You will surely find new words and spellings. Similar to Visuwords, Merriam Webster has a "visual dictionary." If you type in "tire it will show you a tire, with words pointing to every little detail of it from "tread" to "bead wire." Englishforums is a great place to pose questions and talk. There are chat rooms dedicated to everything. Your best bet is an English friend who can review your work. These should be rules for your home, definitely - you want to avoid slipping back to your native tongue as much as possible - but they're good ideas for your classes or study groups, too. When I taught English in Chile last year, my key phrase was this: sin errores, no hay progreso without mistakes, theres no progress. When that's a bit too much effort, just read your books aloud. That way you can do it over and over until you get it right!

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