history of christianity in africa essay

a Christian until his deathbed. Yet the greatest persecutions on the young religion came at the hands of the Roman government. Many of the early monasteries in the East were founded and maintained by the rulers and nobility, others by groups of the citizenry wishing to have prayers said for themselves and their families. Also there were still Bishops at Carthage, Hippo and Constantine in the eleventh century.

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history of christianity in africa essay

Religion From A Historical Perspective.
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A, history, of, religion.
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Chhi 302 Church History II by, james Bowers /30/2014, our account starts with Henry Stanley, an explorer and journalist, who was on exploration of Africa in late 1854, to look for the sources and nature of the Nile as well as lakes in central Africa. The second most widespread religion in Africa is Islam. It also penetrated b Roman soldiers and merchants. It is Saint Anthony of Egypt who is credited with the founding of monasticism, along with his fellow countryman Saint Pachomius. The story is told that once before the Battle of Milvian Bridge (by which Constantine took complete control of the Western Empire) when the odds were greatly against him, Constantine beseeched God for help, praying in the Christian fashion, and won the day. Under his rule Buganda was open to the outside world for trading. There was the eremetical, or hermit, style and the cenobitic, monasteries in which the residents led a communal life. Indeed, it is women who are to be truly credited with the origin of the monastic vocation. Ras Tafari was the previous name of Selassie when he was the Emperor of Ethiopia.

History of christianity in africa essay
history of christianity in africa essay

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