essay on internet as the revolutionary invention

that make up the world wide web. Furthemore, we can not only write to each other but also chat by video calls. It is just amazing, since with this great tool we communicate with each other, we have a plenty of information and we get it conveniently than ever before. We can use internet at home for personal purpose and at office for professional needs. Perhaps because of the Internet, there has been an increase in the number of reported identity thefts and credit card frauds. Not only can students study various subjects online, but also they can make assignments of their school or university. Today, many students are using the internet to do research and complete their assignments. Lily Kim more. In the world of internet, we have been introduced to sites used for communicating, advertising, selling, gathering information, videos or music, and.

Nikola Tesla was a man of many inventions inventing a practical use for AC current, imagining and establishing revolutionary technologies, and furthering the scientific applications of radio.
Without electricity, we would not have many of these other inventions such as the telephone, and more importantly the Internet.
Climbing keeps me fit and healthy, and allows me to develop my problem solving skills.

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The Internet is mainly used for communication. The problem with this world we know as Cyberspace, the 'Net, or the Web is that some of this information, including pornographical material and hate literature, is being accessible to minors. Oughton's writing is well supported by reasonable arguments, informative and very useful, and the examples th Class 13 (College) The History Of The Internet Words: 1352 Pages: 5 Paragraphs: 12 Sentences: 65 Read Time: 04:54 The Internet has update the computer. To do some silly thing on the Internet to burn some time that you could be using to do something better. Secondly, the Internet has also become critical to buying items. Emails enable the business to communicate with employees, consumers as well as associates.

essay on internet as the revolutionary invention

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