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a series of 15 additional fountains in the center of the urban area. If the inti-huatana in Machu Picchu was a solar observatory for the Incas, the chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega may have described the ceremony that once took place at the gnomon. It is also the most powerfully elegant, a masterpiece of sculpture, rising in tapering planes form its curving base in a single strong upward thrust. They view the agricultural sector, the inti-huatana in the Sacred Plaza, the urban center, the residential sector, the cemetery, and the many other spectacular stone structures. According to Wright, Witt, and Valencia, the annual rainfall at Machu Picchu was sufficient to support the agricultural crops. People of the Andes. He stumbled on Machu Picchu not after a long search but within forty-eight hours of beginning his first field trip. To grow agricultural produce for a city built on a mountain where flat land is rare; they terraced the mountain side. American Heritage, July/August 1987,.

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It passes over the Dry Moat on a stone aqueduct and through a wall that separates the Agricultural Sector form the Urban Sector. To ascertain the time of the equinoxes they had splendidly carved stone columns erected in the squares or courtyards before the temples of the sun. He started the great Inca conquest of western South America. After much climbing in the humid rough jungle environment, a sight of terraces was seen by Bingham. Vilacabamba became the new Inca capital after Cuzco had fallen under Spanish control. It is a pillar of stone rising from a rectangular platform. After taking into account what is at Machu Picchu, one can see what lures hordes of individuals to this lost city in the mountains. The ruins were not in an impenetrable wilderness but just off a road that served a thickly populated region. The terraces were made of fieldstone set in clay.

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