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Peruvian historian Basadre states that one of Peru's reasons for signing the treaty was to impede a Chile-Bolivia alliance against Peru that would have given to Bolivia the region of Arica (the vast majority of Bolivian commerce went through Peruvian ports of Arica before. "In other words writes. Contnbution une psychoanalyse de la connaissance objective, Paris, Vrin, 1938.

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"Safeguarding of Cultural Property in Times of War (and) Peace, The". Ever since the first International Geographical Congress in Amberes in 1871, practically all meetings have devoted attention to these topics, usually in specific sections dedicated to "The History of Geography and Historical Geography". Trescot in a mission to Chile to establish that problems would be resolved through arbitration and acts of war would not justify territorial seizures. 74 Peruvian mediation and Bolivian declaration of war edit Martiniano Urriola (with kepi who in 1883 commanded the occupation of Ayacucho, and Marcos Maturana (with poncho General staff chief of the Expeditionary Army during the Lima Campaign, viewed the dead bodies of a Peruvian gun. (8) malte brun: Gographie universelle, edited. In the years immediately after the Spanish civil war (1936-1939 thesis statements for literature reviews geographers went on writing this type of history, which continued to concentrate on the usual topics: discoveries, chorographic studies, biographies, and the contributions of individual geographers. No hay nada secreto, la documentacin de la guerra civil nunca estuvo clasificada, dicen desde Archiveros Espaoles en la Funcin Pblica. (90) marti henneberg, Jordi: "Sorpresa, admiracin y polmica en torno a los glaciares Mundo cientfico, Barcelona,. But its remaining units were locked in its main port during the long blockade of Callao.

Buenos Aires was connected via Uruguay and Brazil, to Portugal, Great Britain and from there to the USA over a submarine cable. To this end we started, some time ago, the analysis of elementary geography teaching in the 18th century by studying the syllabuses of the public examinations (105) ; we are now following this with a study of the geography textbooks used in Spanish schools. The traditional view considered the sciences as predetermined archetypes, which the progressive unfolding of reason alone allowed us to see in their true form by stripping them of the mixing and confusion with other branches of knowledge which existed in the pre-scientific phase. Bernard Kayser, University of Toulouse, Le Mirail, (in press.) (55) kuhn, Tomas.: The Structure of Scienbfic Revolutions, University of Chicago Press; translated into Spanish by Agustin Contin as La estructura de las revoluciones cientficas, Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Econmica,1971, 257.

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