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to join a company to do that. Except in a few unusual kinds of work, like acting or writing books, you can't be a company of one person. They literally think the product, one line at a time. You open a door and find yourself in a staircase. It is the proverbial fishing rod, rather than the fish.

The Proposition, economically, you can think of a startup as a way to compress your whole working life into a few years. The present state of understanding affirms that dementia is incurable and only evidences that particular lifestyle factors attribute to its onset and development (World Health Organization WHO, 2012). And a person's taste is as much his own peculiar concern as his opinion or his purse. "This filmmaker deep-dives into what makes your favorite cartoons tick". You could probably work twice as many hours as a corporate employee, and if you focus you can probably get three times as much done in an hour. In a large group, your performance is not separately measurable- and the rest of the group slows you down. This is why so many of the best programmers are libertarians. Internally most companies are run like Communist states. If you believe in free markets, why not turn your company into one? And what getting a job seems to mean is joining another institution. The notion that it is one man's duty that another should be religious, was the foundation of all the religious persecutions ever perpetrated, and if admitted, would fully justify them.

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