apush how to write agree or disagree essay

taken from answers written by students: Question: In some countries the number of people suffering from health problems because of excess consumption of junk food, is increasing. Do not choose a model structure just because you think thats the right way. The body paragraph is followed by the concluding paragraph. Or, introduction 2: I disagree with this statement but also feel that government and the citizens are both responsible for changing the unhealthy lifestyles. I have a question regarding the scoring system in writing task. You will also need to do this in order to write an effective thesis statement. Now we have two supporting ideas we can move on to our introduction. The full paragraph should look like this: Higher excise on liqueur and cigarettes has proven to be successful at curbing the harm caused by these substances.

 I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. The United Kingdom is a prime example, where money from smokers is used to treat lung cancer and heart disease, while at the same time, pumped into health campaigns in schools to warn children about the dangers of smoking. Do not rely on one essay model practise writing different models of essay you just dont know what question you will get. I disagree because another reason why the idea is wrong. Answer will vary. This revenue has been used to treat health problems associated with these products and has proven useful in advertising campaigns warning people about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco abuse.

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Supporting Paragraph 2 We now repeat the same formula with our second supporting point- higher taxes will increase prices and reduce consumption. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Watch Box Office Movie Streaming Online. If agree opinion task 2 question, Pingback: writing task 2 assessed task response ielts weekly pauline cullen olivia june 18, 2017 8:05. However, at best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous. Structure, the best structure you can use for this type of essay is: Paragraph 1- Introduction, sentence 1- Paraphrase Question. Here are some: Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed in the same way The money raised could be used to treat people with health problems Fast food companies should be punished for selling unhealthy food to people Making the food more bryn mawr post bac essay expensive would stop people eating. The problem with the other options though is that they tend to be more complex and complex is not great in exam circumstances. This sentence outlines what you will write about in the main body paragraphs. _, the real problem is the way that the media has handled this.

apush how to write agree or disagree essay

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