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to go the same way. Added: 30 December 2015 A new documentary DVD, Frank Zappa - In His Own Words, will be released in March. From here the giraffe lineage goes through Samotherium (late Miocene another short-necked giraffe, and then split into Okapia (one species is still alive, the okapi, essentially a living Miocene short-necked giraffe and Giraffa (Pliocene the modern long-necked giraffe. Its scheduled for 31 March We will be sticking to the Moo-ah Formula: tickets will go on sale soon, but we will need to sell enough to break-even by 31st October 2016 before we can confirm with the bands, venue, etc. A year ago, he managed to buy them back on eBay for just. Added: 29 November 2016 Keyboardist Allan Zavod, famous for his Volcano solos during the 1984 tour, has sadly passed away.

Added: 02 September 2017   News on the Halloween 77 box set arrives from Japan: to be released by UMe on, there will be a 3CD highlights version (ZR 20027) costing around 40, and what is hopefully the complete six Palladium shows in a Costume. Added: 21 November 2015 / Updated:   Banned From Utopia will also be back touring Europe a few dates in the Diary.

Added: 21 November 2015.and finally, Esther.out now! For similarly spelled words, see, hetair- (disambiguation). Added:   Zappa Plays Zappa will be back out on the road in 2016 celebrating the 50th anniversary of Freak Out! Added:   Finally, official ZFT confirmation regarding all the Halloween 77 goodies coming our way next month, including pre-order links and the like. It goes without saying that all contributions will be fully credited in the resultant tome (working title: Project Objects: A Zappa Fanthology ). Added:   Wanna schedule a tour of the Zappa Estate and maybe even own this piece of music history?

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Brief description of recent fossil whale discoveries, with a nice full-color painting depicting evolution to the sea (showing a mesonychid on land, Ambulocetus at the shoreline, the legged Eocene whale Rodhocetus in shallow water, and the later vestigial-legged whale Prozeuglodon in deep water.) Discover, February. Shankar will be at this years Zappanale. As a result, I contributed to this article in the New York Times about her. Only chapter 22 is concerned with species-level evolution and transitions; the other chapters generally describe only genera or families. Added: Zappa Records celebrates Record Store Day on with an exclusive 10" clear vinyl release featuring the Petit Wazoo : Side 1 is Rollo in its complete form, as released on Little Dots ; Side 2 contains the unreleased track Portland Improvisation, produced.