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high angle, they can cause the object to seem inferior. "Afronauts" by Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel is a fictional photo essay inspired by the true story of Zambian school teacher and. Many pictures of tanks are taken from a low angle to show that they are powerful and a force to be reckoned with. The angle of a picture is what defines. Not any members of the NGOs he said he was a part. But what the picture do not show you is the actual death and destruction. The tanks are being restored only externally: the engines were removed in the 1950s and have since gone missing. As a Warsaw Pact member, Bulgaria sought to deter an invasion by nato forces (of which Turkey was a member). When it comes to taking pictures of soldiers, many of the photos have been taken at the same level as the man or woman in the target. Looking at photos from the First World War, they are all black and white and most of them just show the battles from a distance. According to reports, some tanks have even been dug up and stolen.

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Pictures taken from aircraft and satellites can make the destruction seem distant. JavaScript must be enabled. Sometimes pictures that are shot this way are meant to show tragedy, especially with dead bodies in mass graves or piled along roads. However, many of the armaments were looted for scrap metal. This Cold War line of defense was known as the Krali Marko Line. The Tale of Trn and Vietnam War Photographer. This is one of the few times photos show the true emotions on a person's face that has to deal with the mental and physical drain and horrors of a war. Hundreds of German and Soviet tanks were entrenched along Bulgarias southeastern border with Turkey. These pictures often find their way into propaganda posters or newspapers.

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