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its surroundings. Secondly, the distinct physical shapes could have aided visual search when trying to acquire a device. We argue that the affordances of the physical handles are inherently richer than what virtual handles afford through conventional direct manipulation techniques. Distinctive places and travel edges are connected to build a topological model. Faster, more natural - and particularly less sequential, more parallel - modes of user-computer communication will help remove this bottleneck Jacob., 1993. This is again left for future research.

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Th e goal of this dissertation is to develop a spatial exploration and.

Repeated Measure Variance Analysis of task completion time for Experiment 1 (continued). Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Towards the Year 2000, 494-499, San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann, Inc. Indeed, one has to wonder whether the bricks should have any cursor or virtual representation on the screen. Thus, the devices serve as dedicated graspable functions. The falling pieces enter from the top and are rapidly placed somewhere on the contour below. Multiple bricks were moved at the same time. However, this very thing makes them all the harder to acquire. However, when we examine this more closely we find that this difference is mostly attributed to the stylus, time-multiplex condition (see Figure.6).

That is, it does not matter what physical objects you use in each hand (i.e., a brick, dial, puck) for this task, the gross motor movements will be the same. You can do things that are impossible to do in the physical world. Throughout this case study we set out to gain further design experience with the 5 Graspable UI design properties of (1) space-multiplex input and output, (2) concurrency, (3) physical form (weak general. For the second puzzle, three different sized oranges are used along with three bowls. A wonderful thesis is left for you to enjoy. Each of the sliders are assigned to one of the interaction input channels.

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