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of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice and now a litigation partner with Baker Botts.L.P., adds that this experience can make the difference in whether one is hired. Cheung fondly recalls her time as a new assistant.S. Communication, likewise, says Cheung, You need to be a people person. The business of prosecuting is all about people, and a successful prosecutor must be able to communicate effectively with individuals from all walks of life, whether witnesses, victims, defendants, or law enforcement officials. Essay about Police and Prosecutor. Once you see the impact of crime on the victims, or those who are close to the victims, you really understand why your job is so important. As a line prosecutor, Cheung reflects upon the seriousness of the prosecutors responsibility for sentencing. For instance, the prosecution may have to conduct some of the investigation; and question possible jurors and witnesses. A lawyer must also be witty and quick to deliver well-founded arguments that can be used to convince the jury to decide in his o her favor.

Prosecuting lawyers (also called "prosecutors " or "district attorneys bring and prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the people of a city, state or country.
I guess have just one reason why I want to be a prosecutor : Criminal law is my passion - it is what interests.
Rule 1: If you arent willing to be a Whistle Blower, you should not be a prosecutor.
There is a lot of pressure to go with the flow, not make waves, and earn a promotion for loyalty.
(Oh, you want to be judge?).

To qualify for the job role of prosecutor, you must complete your bachelor education, earn a degree in law such as the Juris Doctor degree, and acquire legal work experience. The Great Wall of China was built and then other provinces started followed their art of creating their own wall in different part of the world. At times, this requires coordination with additional attorneys, the police and other professionals. Trial experience is one of the most important requirements of becoming a prosecutor. I am convinced that the law profession would enable me to become a highly versatile, competent, and well-rounded person who takes pride in being able to contribute to the growth and development of society. Interacting with the victims of crime and their loved ones can be harrowing but worthwhile. For example, in order for a civil case to be won, a lawyer must ensure that every weak detail, loophole, and inconsistent testimony is thoroughly scrutinized as this can turn tides in his or her clients favor. Likewise, when the facts of the case and the defendants history call for a stronger punishment, leniency should be avoided. Attorney for the District of Columbia, recommends that interested attorneys or law students investigate the various prosecutorial positions that are available before deciding to apply.

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