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man to be injured. But anger may be routed at our behest; for it is a weakness of the mind that is subject to the will, not one of those things that result from some condition of the general lot of man and therefore befall even the wisest, among. Therefore a wise moderation should be exercised which will be capable of distinguishing between curable and hopeless natural law and euthanasia essay characters. Again, you call it obstinacy if a man keeps silent when he is questioned. 1 prehends in order that he alone may imitate him "Those who are prone to anger you say, "are of all men considered the most ingenuous." Yes, in contrast with the tricky and the crafty they do seem ingenuous because they are undisguised. What indeed would have been easier than for Antigonus to order the execution of the two common soldiers, who, while they leaned against the royal tent, expressed -as men will do with equally great danger and delight - their ill opinion of their king?

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This, rather, is what we ought to realize - how many men anger in and of itself has injured. But these matters will be more fitly discussed in their proper place. And so it is most often seen in the poorest types of persons; there are old women and wretched females who are moved by the tears of the worst criminals, who, if they could, would break open their prison. In the face of other charges, damaging to his character and standing, the composure of his countenance was unruffled, but at one thus absurd out burst his tears! 3 attempt anything, measure yourself and at the same time the undertaking -both the thing you intend and the thing for which you are intended; for the regret that springs from an unaccomplished task will make you bitter. Moreover, the peculiar marks of a lofty spirit are mildness and composure, and the lofty disregard of injustice and wrongs. You say, perhaps, "That man has already injured me, but I have not yet injured him." But perhaps you have already harmed, perhaps you will some day harm, some man. The men who traffic in wretched human chattels, buying and selling near the temple of Castor, whose shops are packed with a throng of the meanest slaves - if some one of these does not call me by name, shall I take umbrage? No entire people has ever burned with love for a woman, no whole state has set its hope upon money or gain; ambition is personal and seizes upon the individual; only fury is an affliction of a whole people.