essay on social problem

can be change in the average weather or change in the distribution of events for instance greater or less extreme weather (rain). Need an essay customized under your requirements? Peers are important in a childs life. Poverty leads to most social problems in society but can be evaded or corrected with the correct perspective. It leads to poor education, environmental degradation and a whole lot of other social problems. They should also disapprove of the violent episodes in front of the children, stressing the belief that such behavior is not the best way to resolve a problem. But it can be repaired by changing some factor of the society. Therefore, programs aimed at creating awareness and educating the youths on these social problems can be created.

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Politics can be termed a social problem because most of the decisions made by governments and other institutions may not necessarily favor the poor in society. However, not all celebrated the move. The alteration of societys values, a way of life, customs, traditions, and laws due to globalization and need to adopt new ways of life give rise to social problems. It is hard to find solutions or to implement recommendations for many social problems. The environment is very sensitive and even the slightest imbalance will cause a great negative impact. "what is a social problem?.".