deforestation short essay pdf

half the size of Delhi- have been wiped out clear. The forest in a rural area is cut down for agriculture, the wood for cooking and another purpose. Forests cover much of the planets land area. Image Source:, advertisements: Deforestation disrupts the carbon cycle.

The urban population demand and the sub-urban population demand, it is understood that the urban sector is more involved in deforestation than the rural sector. It causes land pollution and it is a man-made pollution. The forests trees take carbon dioxide as well as the atmosphere. The wood from trees is used for livestock, logging so the wood can be used for building things like houses and furniture, for roads, for firewood and forest fires. Other reasons: the major reasons for the deforestation are the building of dams and reservoirs. At least eighty percent of our forests have been destroyed. The forests are extremely important to man and the wild animal. Methane and C02 contribute to the greenhouse effect. The forests are very necessary for the rain, fresh air, medicines and foods, etc. When the trees are destroyed or burned or left to rot, carbon is released into the air as C02 and methane. The corporate sector: the business for profit is the motto of many corporate organizations.

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