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include a supposed plot against Leontes life by Camillo and Hermione. In fact, she promises to provide him with a wife who looks just like his long dead wife. Within this Folio were the works of Shakespeare categorized by their genre. At the Bohemian court, Camillo tells Polixenes he wishes to return.

The, winter ' s, tale is classified as a romance but some have said that this. Possible essay questions on, the, winter ' s, tale. The, winter ' s, tale. Resources and further reading.

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Finally, Hermione speaks and admits she has hid for 16 years in Paulinas house. Paulina is steadfast, loyal and persistent, and Perdita is the embodiment of the innocent regenerative power of nature. Perhaps the main theme is the triumph of life, as expressed through nature's perpetual powers of renewal. Leontes denies the child, but Paulina yells at him and insists it is his baby and not Polixenes. But, at length, Leontes seems to convince Camillo of Leontes wifes unfaithfulness, though privately Camillo still believes Leontes is wrong. Having impressed right before this climax it seems to be worse be- cause one does respect Hermione. Prior to this time, romance was not a widespread genre in anyones writings. Autolycus convinces them to let him help them deliver their goods to the king, in return for their gold.

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