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System in Permanence Testing See: Article from "Imaging Conference japan 2011" in Tokyo June 6-8, 2011 "Use of a Multispectral Camera System and Very Small, Comprehensive 'Micropatch' Test Targets for Full Tonal Scale Colorimetric Evaluation. But cheap affordable non limited edition browser prints for under 35 each i print on my Canon Pro9000 Mark II using Pixma inks which last for 50 years in an album and 30 years under glass. Posted May 17, 2004, download 6-Page PDF for, article Images. It contains 9 essays compare high-capacity cartridges, perfect for high-volume printing jobs. It is one of the realities of the print permanence testing field that the more stable the print, the longer the tests take to complete. I go through a lot of ink when I create batches of prints, but I love the control and doing everything from my home studio. Make sure you dont leave home withouta nifty keyring holder is this artists great idea! Download HD Video (Zip File 188.7 MB) "Long-Term Preservation of Photographic Originals and Digital Image Files in the Corbis/Sygma Collection in France". Mac Holbert, and Henry Wilhelm Edited by Garrett White "A History of Permanence in Traditional and Digital Color Photography: The Role of Nash Editions " Essay by Henry Wilhelm View 31-page Essay Download 31-page PDF Posted December 11, 2007 Order the Book Article from "Imaging. A Video Featuring Bill Gates, the Owner of Corbis, Henry Wilhelm, Preservation Consultant to Corbis, and Corbis CEO Gary Shenk Discussing the Preservation and Access Facility in France.

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Embellish your cards with paint, fabric, metal or trinket. You can get archival ink for it or you can get compatible non archival alot l depends what your needs are. The designer of the square card (next below) calls it a cocktail sizemaybe because it looks like a mini drink coaster? A review of preliminary test data indicates that prints made with the Lucia pigmented inks and select Canon photo and fine art papers printed with the Pro9500 will have WIR Display Permanence Ratings in excess of 100 years for color images and significantly beyond that. Main theme: Kodak versus the rest of the industry." View Article Download 4-Page PDF Posted May 28, 2005 Article from Camera Australia Magazine January 2005 "How Long Will An Inkjet Print Last?" By Trevern Dawes "Inkjet printing continues to improve in quality and affordability, but. It has never jammed and weve never had issues with print heads or any other parts. Of the Canon Pixma line, TAA artist Robert says. A Video Visit to the Corbis Photograph Cold Storage Preservation Facility in the High-Security, Underground Iron Mountain Vital Records Center in Northwest Pennsylvania. Org in association with Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. We will be hosting a new live stream about this topic really soon. Part II An Overview of the Permanence of Digitally-Printed Photographs and Applicable Accelerated Print Permanence Test Methods" By Henry Wilhelm View Article Download PDF February 2004 "Comparison of Different Methods for Estimating the Sensitivity of Inkjet Images to Gas Fading " By Michael Berger and.

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