writing a mini argumentative essays powerpoint

at the Model Argument Essay. A claim is an opinion that can be supported by textual evidence. 25 Offering a Counterargument Addressing the claims of the opposition is an important component in building a convincing argument. Not a factual statement, but a claim that has to be proven throughout the paper. 5, textual Evidence Textual evidence is evidence taken directly or indirectly from an article, textbook, or other source. 18 Organizing Your Argument Title Introduction Attention grabbing beginning (hook) Background information (if necessary) Thesis statement State three arguments Body Paragraphs Constructing Topic Sentences Explanation of Main Points Factual Evidence (e.g. Useful links: m/locavore- pros-cons-eating-local/.org/news/buying-local- purchase-your-goods-locally/. 6, what is a counter-argument?

26 Counterarguments may be located at various locations within your body paragraphs. 8, structure of Argumentative Essay, introduction Lead-in/Hook Background Information Thesis Statement Body Paragraphs 1st Reason supporting claim 2nd Reason supporting claim 3rd Reason supporting claim*optional/need for Exemplary Counterargument*brief paragraph Conclusion Restate thesis in different terms Call to action/closing insight 9, thesis Statement The purpose. N/B:Slides will be emailed to students AT THE END of the Argumentative Writing Unit. Body Paragraphs and Topic city life vs small town life essay Sentences. Your essay must include the counter-argument You will have one brief body paragraph that will state your counter-argument. Identify and highlight the Thesis Statement Does the thesis statement - Let you know the main idea of the paper?