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as the French National Front, Austrian Freedom Party, the Italian Lega Nord, 21 the Greek Golden Dawn 22 or the National Democratic Party of Germany 23 are opposed to globalization, but argue that the alternative to globalization is the protection. In Latin America and Caribbean) created alter- globalization organizations as economic blocs Mercosur and Unasur, political community celac or Bank of the South which are supporting development of low income countries without involvement from IMF or World Bank. 14 Anti-war movement edit Main article: Anti-war movement By 2002, many parts of the movement showed wide opposition to the impending invasion of Iraq. North Korea introduced these reforms because they were lacking in areas of technology and trade and they realized that they could not maintain themselves as a society without help from other. Protesting groups included the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, the Mobilization for Global Justice.

Hamed Hosseini (an Australian sociologist and expert in global social movement studies argues that the term anti- globalization can be ideal-typically used only to refer to only one ideological vision he detects alongside three other visions (the anti-globalist, the alter-globalist and the alter- globalization ). Mass arrest settlement offers needed reminder of rights".

These critics point to statistical trends which are interpreted to be results of globalization, capitalism, and the economic growth they encourage. "NM L (Spring 2000 Reporters arrested covering violence.C., Miami, war in Chechnya". One common tactic of the protests is to split up based on willingness to break the law. China's economy had grown together with its economic freedom. The Mystery of Capital. Newsletter sign up, macmillan speakers, voices of Macmillan. Faith learning community, in the way of Jesus, St Josephs Catholic High School aspires to respect and celebrate the dignity of all. This Forum had 75,000 delegates. The slogan of the WSF is "Another World Is Possible". Alternative globalizations: an integrative approach to studying dissident knowledge in the global justice movement. 45 In June 2010, the class action suit for the April 15th events called ' Becker,. Protesters often claim that major media outlets do not properly report on them; therefore, some of them created the Independent Media Center, a collective of protesters reporting on the actions as they happen.