history of race essay in tamil

they gave education to their child soldiers and made them as doctors and lawyer, etc for their own medical needs in war periods and political activities. "The Tamil Community in Canada: A Brief Overview". The Alvars and Nayanars, who were predominantly Tamils, played a key role in the renaissance of Bhakti tradition in India.

That time most of the countries said against to Sri Lankan government. These people who were living paycheck to paycheck did not have the same resources of the wealthy. Retrieved "Traditional martial arts not given due importance". Tamils, are a, dravidian ethnic group who speak, tamil as their mother tongue and trace their ancestry to the. The police, security forces, Buddhist monks and the State Officials turned a blind eye but encouraged the mobs and in some cases they themselves actively took part in the carnage. 252 Keay (2000 p252 Chopra Ravindran and Subramaniyan (2003 p155, part, p195 de Silva 1997,. . 159 They often carry inscriptions displaying ap government and politics essays a variety of adornments, including bas relief panels, friezes, and figures on carved stone.