chuck close essay

very closely do I realize its a painting. The difference between these two pieces is the look. The mood of this piece is very dull the woman looks like shes had a rough day, and is tired. I think the design principle rhythm is mostly in the hair how it just curls around, down into the face it make you look everywhere. The skin is amazingly realistic and looks shaggy. I feel a sense of modesty as well.

Chuck close essay
chuck close essay

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There are highlights used on the face. Once you know what art looks like, its not hard to make some. Linda is a middle age woman with brown curly hair and lots of make. The dilemma I found myself in after having gotten out of graduate school is enjoying filipino term papers making art but not liking what I made. Definitely, repetition of detail gives this piece its final result.

The source photograph is a tightly cropped head and shoulder shot. Description Self-portrait: Chuck Close, painted in, media: acrylic on canvas. Not through the artists expression or imagination, but through detail. Close is one of the very few modern realists or photorealists who focus on the human face. What catches my attention most are the reflections used in the work. The subject is a family member or friend.

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