low literacy rate in pakistan essay

Essay, Prcis, comprehension and a broad range of multiple choice questions must be cleared by the applicants to quality the paper. It doesnt consist of any particular subject but rather include current affairs, national issues, social problems and a wide variety of topics for the CSS Exams. What is English Subject Competitive Exam? Girls usually do not attend school and stay at home because they need to help their families. In certain countries the issue of education is just ignored, which results in extremely low rates of literacy.

Essays the Importance of, literacy, affect of, low, literacy, rates on Standard of Living in Africa. Essay to India and, pakistan, essay. Logo for Business Insider over a transparent background.

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Recently Mali has experienced a lot of violence, and this naturally affected other spheres of the countrys life. There are many books, websites and tutors available that can help you to learn this subject over time. Pakistan, located in South Asia, Pakistan is populated by more than 199 million people. First of all, the applicant should read books suggested by regulatory to cover most of the part. Less than 0,7 of citizens of Angola get a university degree. Though our education system is unable to deliver quality education that results in poor this subject, the low literacy rate in the country and lack of access to better education system result in an inadequate performance in the education sector, particularly in this subject. According to unesco, the poorest girls are the most disadvantaged. And although now education is the countrys top priority, it is still extremely poor. Today more than 4,5 million girls do not attend school. The situation with women is even worse since only one quarter of young women is literate in the country. The second part is paragraph/expansion, and there is a rule to complete this section of the exam which will discuss later. Therefore, Niger is the lowest ranked country in all the UN indexes.