city life vs small town life essay

shopping malls, educational show more content, there are many kinds of transportation such as car, electric train, airplane, motorcycle, etc. Jobs, education, family, lifestyle, personal development and some other factors are responsible for choosing their place to live. You cannot easily get help like you can in small town. Most small towns are quieter and conducive to respite and relaxation at most times of the day - compared to noisy cities, especially at rush hour. Mostly, everyone knows each other. In a big city, you have the option for your career making field. That can give you a feeling that you are lost or unimportant. Also, the crime rate in a big city is very high. All of your input has helped me and I appreciate. Regards, as christyzhongs 1, aug 28, 2012 #4, well, very good, like reading a poem, I can image the beautiful scenes during my reading.

Life in Small Town vs Life in a City Essay - 766 Words Bartleby
Life in Small Town vs Life in a City - Assignment Example
Essay: Is life better in a city or in a small town?
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In a big city, life is very busy. The population in a big city is always larger. In contrast to this in a small town infrastructure will be very poor.

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For example, some people always prefer to live in a big city, and some people prefer to live in a small town. Education is one of the reasons for living in a big town or city. Sometime people choose to live in a small town because of that reason. If you are active in town events such as school functions, hometown sports games, fairs and festivals and local politics. But thank you to all who have given their point of views!

city life vs small town life essay

Life in a big city Life is a beautiful thing. Everyone has an interesting story about their life. It is known that. Life in Small Town vs Life in a City - Assignment Example.