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culture without thinking about the rampant objectification in ours. . To the author's credit, burqas are ideal for criminals in the sense that it is difficult to get a description of a criminal's physical features if he or she was wearing one. Instead of trying to change Middle Eastern culture to make it resemble ours more closely, we need to change our mindset. . And after a closer look, it's easy to see why women wearing the burqa feel more empowered than oppressed. .

Or at least we were. . In this country, according to 2006 census, only. Just because Muslim women in Australia are wearing a burqa or niqab in place of a (nuns?) habit does not mean they should be openly discriminated against. . And we are proud of helping them and, i hope, we will continue helping people who needs help. Well, someone didnt do what they should.

Everyone in this classroom knows when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, it one of the biggest events on the calendar. . Burqas represent female oppression. This fact is poignantly indicated in the subsequent sentence in which Harper states that Advance Australia is "free to demand and force an end to such medieval customs in a modern country like Australia." This freedom that the group asserts is built on limiting the. Second of all, We, as a Christian view, should tolerate the wearing of the burqa. If we can tolerance the inappropriate clothes in our country why wouldnt we tolerate the modesty of someone?

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As we all know, Burqa is a loose, usually black or light blue robe that is worn by Muslim women, especially in Afghanistan, and that covers the body from head to toe. Burqa are not a restriction placed on women to limit their freedom. The fourth premise is a counterargument, and contends with the notion that wearing burqas is simply economics extended essay assessment criteria a part of accepting cultural diversity. Excerpt from Essay : Standardization of "Ban the Burqa the wearing of burqas should be prohibited in Australia. Whilst the idea of having womens identity obscured is offensive to most Australians and is inconsistent with our norms is not the point. This is another paradoxical statement that does not make sense once analyzed. The author utilizes a similar tactic when asserting that the burqas are actually contradictory to integration and diversity, for the simple fact that they do not represent traditional Australian culture. He is simply attempting to galvanize his partisans by suggesting they have a right - in the name of freedom - to take away the freedom from others. We should show our respect by protecting their right to make decisions and by encouraging assimilation. How many hours have you spent in the mirror, meticulously picking out your imperfections? . And so, whilst I do believe that no woman should be forced to wear the burqa, I also believe that every woman should be free to choose. We live in an open democracy that values a womans right to dress as she pleases.