swami vivekananda patriotism essay in telugu

accounts have called Narendra a shrutidhara (a person with a prodigious memory). Note 7 Vivekananda summarised the Vedanta as follows, giving it a modern and Universalistic interpretation: Each soul is potentially divine. Dvpare tu purnokta kalau gamakevalam. Ussen was dumbfounded, and asked the Swami how he could accomplish such a feat of memory.(157) With Vivekananda's remarkable memory goes hand in hard his power of fast reading already referred. Vivekananda espoused the idea that all sects within Hinduism (and all religions) are different paths to the same goal. He became one of the great followers of Sri Ramakrishna and started following his orders.

Indra's Net: Defending Hinduism's Philosophical Unity (revised.). "Celebration of anniversaries in 2013". Further reading Main article: Bibliography of Swami Vivekananda Chauhan, Abnish Singh (2004 Swami Vivekananda: Select Speeches, Prakash Book Depot, isbn Chauhan, Abnish Singh (2006 Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and essay on happiest moment in my life Subhash Chandra Bose: A Comparative Study, Prakash Book Depot, isbn King, Richard (2002 Orientalism and Religion. He belonged to a traditional family and was one of nine siblings. A History of Modern Yoga: Patanjali and Western Esotericism. Jesus lived in India. Once, he requested some books written by Sir John Lubbock from a library and returned them the very next day claiming that he had read them. He died at the age 39 on 4th of June in 1902. Death On (the day of his death) Vivekananda awoke early, went to the monastery at Belur Math and meditated for three hours.