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of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority." The second experiment is the Stanford Prison Experiment. The verbal prodding would range between 'Please continue' and 'You have no other choice, you must continue'. We have a responsibility to make sure this never happens again." Dr Gerald Thomson, professor of medicine emeritus at Columbia University and member of the taskforce. In addition to that we found that every therapy session was debriefed, and in fact they had told her to get sick and not come to the appointment with. Military forces directly quelled rebellions against the American-supported leadership. As the most productive relationships the agency cultivated. 'Things go wrong with listening devices and two-way mirrors, so you build these things to find out what works and what doesn't says a TSS source.

One night in June, he came to Thigpen's apartment after midnight and urgently asked to borrow her Volvo. They are picked from the NCO ranks - in other words, you don't get commissioned automatically as a JCO, you have to pay your dues in the ranks. Duterme would conduct abusive interrogations which emotionally devastated the witnesses who were suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Stanley Milgram repeatedly found that nearly 2/3rds of people would continue to the maximum voltage of 450, long after they had believed their peer to be incapacitated.

MK-ultra Document 190691 Not only was the CIA officer able to coerce otherwise peaceful subjects into violence, he was able to remove any memories of the event after they 'woke up' from the hypnotism. The potential for military intelligence has been nightmarish. If I were married my wife kids approvedI'd be having sex with my daughters." Another entry reads: "I'm a pedophile I think its sic great a man is having sex with his daughter!.Since I didn't get Finger #3, I didn't get to see the stories. I would love nothing more than to say that I dreamed this all up and need to just forget. By the 2008 election, citizens were growing weary of the spying program and Barack Obama capitalized on this sentiment.