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vote. The dissenting opinion of Chief Justice Emmert goes into a lengthy historical and constitutional discussion to explain why unconcealed carrying should require no license. 15, 133.2d 885 (1957 State. 13 See generally. (2.S.) 304, 308 (1795). The "castle doctrine" evolved from the use of arms to defend one's home. A survey of military pistols from Argentina to Yugoslavia reveals that most have a barrel length of about four inches. The permissive language in the constitutional guarantee has been used to sanction the requirement of a license to carry repeating rifles (p.214)or pistols even openly 157 and to restrict the carrying of a pistol to one's premises or place of business, unless the person. (3 Cold.) 214, 217 (1866). I, 19; Hawaii Const. Furthermore, courts are to presume that the people do not go through the effort of passing a constitutional guarantee as an idle exercise to protect nugatory rights or nebulous entitlements, or to secure an intangible abstraction.

307, 292.2d 410 (1972 the court held that, under the Pennsylvania Constitution, the right to self-defense and impact of social networking essay the right to bear arms each serves as an independent guarantee for a right to bear arms. 316, 409.E.2d 1207, 1210 (Ind. In addition, the majority report of the Illinois Bill of Rights Committee indicates an intent to protect under Ill. The modern short-barrel riot-type shotgun still possesses the same basic characteristics and performs the same missions that occupied the blunderbuss. Meade, 19 The Times Law Reports 540 (1903). Thus the purpose of a state constitutional guarantee "is to place the life, liberty and property of the citizen beyond the control of legislation, and to prevent either legislators or courts from any interference with, or deprivation of, the rights therein declared and guaranteed.". At 1705: "I think if we are going to be in session, we ought to be in session and listen to the debate. It also demonstrates that the common understanding of "to bear arms" was not restricted solely to militia purposes. 1980) (where "self-defense" is asserted as a reason for desiring a license to carry a pistol the license cannot be withheld Watson. 61 The collective right theory suffers from a logical defect. 2d 892, 893-94 (Fla. Constitutional guarantees, including the right to possess arms, apply equally to the entire state.

In England there is no written constitution. The right to keep and bear arms in the home is a right founded upon the inviolability and sanctity of the house. A constitution should not be read with the prolixity of a civil code. 921 (a) (20) (1976).